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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Living in a Shoebox

I recently wrote about how packing and moving tests a marriage, well, a few weeks later, I'm a little wiser....living in my old bedroom in a small apartment with my mother is THE TEST!!

Let me set the scene for you....I used to live in this small room before Dan and I were married.  It had a twin bed, two small closets, and two dressers for clothes (I mentioned that I have A LOT of stuff).  Around the time of the wedding, my mother decided to take down one of the closets.  I think anything about it, I never thought that I was EVER going to move back into this apartment! Thanks to Daniel, I have to move in back with my mother.

Since the first house fell through, Dan has to live in a hotel until Oct. 9th.  Our realtor was nice enough to let him rent a townhouse she owns month to month, rather than a long term lease.  Unfortunately, Dan's classes start Sept. 20th. So Dan will be living in a hotel for the three days he has classes and then come to NY for the rest of the week.  Meaning......his stuff is still in my tiny room.  But we are making it work. He lives out of two suitcases keeping everything on the far end of the bedroom, my stuff is on the other side of the room.  We are doing ok, like I tell people "no one is dead yet."

Now for my mother, she's insane! I love her to death, but she's crazy! She loves having us home. Dan gets to eat all he wants and she gets to feel that she is needed. We have our laundry and meals cooked. Who's better than us? (there's sarcasm there) After living away from home for over a year, I like doing my own things, cooking my own meals and not have to justify every single action I make.  For example, I am going out to dinner with some friends on Wednesday, she said, "You're married, why are you going out?" When I told her that's what I've been doing, going out to eat with friends, she was appalled! How am I supposed to be here for 3 years? No husband and a crazy mother! Something's gotta give in this whole situation!