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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The perfect marriage?

When Dan and I got married, I was elated! I was finally with someone, my best friend, who I wanted to spend every single day with. Now, Dan's been gone for about a month. Right now the hardest thing is the separation.  During the week, I kill myself trying to finish work for the kiddies and for grad school so that I don't have anything to do over the weekend just to spend time with Dan. This weekend, however, I had a wedding to go to and Dan had to stay in Philly to study for a midterm. We weren't able to see each other this weekend. It's hard! And for some reason this week, it was extremely hard not having Dan around.

Some people say that this is the best marriage situation.  At first, I agreed, when we saw each other and had a disagreement, we settled it quickly.  We didn't have enough time to be mad at each other.  We settled it and continued on with our weekend. Now, it's just miserable! I miss my husband, my best friend. I married him to be with him, not just to see each other on the weekends.

I've decided that I'm probably going to move to Philadelphia permanently sooner than expected. I was going to wait until Dan was finished with Drexel to see if we were going to settle in Philly. But now I'm thinking just to find a job and live out there as soon as I can. If I could leave in the middle of the year, I would, but I made the choice to teach the kids I have now.  As far as next year goes, if I find a job, which ever job, I'm going out there.  To me there is no "perfect marriage", but as long as I'm with Dan and not just seeing him weekly, it would be pretty perfect to me.

** I know that this was all pretty sappy, but I'm in a sappy mood. I miss Dan and I hate having this feeling! :(

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