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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The One Thing That I Despise...........


It seems to me that Dan and I are bad planners and we love to live in a world full of chaos.....it's all subconscious because neither of us want to admit this aloud.

Let me give you a breakdown of how the next few days/weeks are going to go....

August 16th- moving day. Putting everything into storage and some of my stuff is going back to my mother's house.  We have been packing for the last 3 weeks and it seems never ending. Even now as I sit here and type and watch Dan circle the living room like a vulture searching for his next prey. We will also, start living with my mother until Dan gets an apartment in Philly, which will be sometime in October.

August 17th- Teacher's Shopping. It has to be done! School starts in September. This day has been planned since June.  This will also be the day that we move the rest of the small boxes to my mother's house.

August 18th- The one day we get to socialize.  Colleen is coming in the afternoon to see and off-broadway play.  I planned this as part of her bridal shower gift and made this with her over a month ago, obviously not thinking about the dates and what's going on in our lives.

August 19th- Driving to Long Island to drop off the car.  We leave for our honeymoon on the 20th. We won't be back until the 31st. During the last week, I thought about maybe cancelling or shortening the trip to try to find Dan an apartment.

September 1-3- Decorating the classroom for the lovelies. I can't believe that the summer is almost over. It really went by so fast!

September 4-6- Col and Matt's wedding weekend.  We start work on the 7th.  Dan will still be here until the 15th when he starts orientation.

So you can see, things are really crazy and insane.  We've been driving around Brooklyn like crazy people trying to pack, buy boxes and bubble wrap (I HATE STAPLES!).  Everything has to be labeled (and I quote Dan, "on all four sides") and think about where its is going.

Today we started the day very optimistic.  We were determined to start everything nice and early and have the majority of things done by 1pm.  My dad and my brother were coming to help us bring some of the boxes to the storage unit.  We drove to my mother's to bring some of my clothes.  When we get there, Dan realizes that we have a flat tire.  Needless to say the hubby was NOT happy!!!  It seemed that our day was going to be wasted on getting a new tire for a 10 year old car.  Fortunately, I found a place near my mother's house that would fix the tire.  And when it was all done we only spend $10!! Now that's a bargain!!!!!!! :)

Back home by 12ish.  We were packing machines.  My father and brother were due to arrive in an hour.  I get a call at 1:15, they will be at the apartment at 1:30.  At 1:28, another call, they are just getting into the car!! Damn Puerto Ricans and their lateness! LOL! They finally arrive and then my dad has the bright idea that he could bring the hand truck.  So we went off to get it, the man didn't arrive until 2:35! How slow was he going? I thought he took mass transit instead of his car.

As of right now, the packing is 97% done! Now we're off to eat and drink some wine!

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