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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Through sickness and in health, good times and bad.....packing and moving!

I think the test to any relationship/marriage is moving and packing.  I honestly think that when it comes to your wedding vows, there has to be something in there about packing and moving.  Yes, it is important to be there for your spouse through the good times and the bad, sickness and health...blah blah blah! But that's nothing compared to what the couple goes through while moving an entire apartment! I would hate to see what happens when we have to move an entire house!  

There is so MUCH to do.  You pack, you argue about what to take, how to pack it, how the damn boxes are labeled (yes, I'm still on this "all four sides" business).  It's not just your stuff anymore, it's our stuff.  Now, in a relationship there is always one person that has more stuff than the other.  You have to compromise on which things go and which things have to meet their untimely end with the Department of Sanitation. I am that person.  I like things and I have a hard time throwing things out.  When I first made the move from my mother's house to our apartment, charity was loving me! I gave them about 10 garbage bags full of clothes and stuff! And now, I have to relive that horrid moment all over again!  Just so my readers know, I got rid of a lot of SHOES this week.  It was sad! And I think there has to be more to be thrown away! (A moment of silence please!)

This past week, or at least the last few days it has been like this.  We are both really tired, and we are at a point where we are at each other's nerves.  On top of the moving, we are both dealing with Dan going away to another state, I think that it's adding to all the stress! The only thing we have to look forward to is our honeymoon, which we leave for on Friday! Hopefully, by that time we are still talking to each other. :)

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